Monday, August 23, 2010

You are now part of my experiment...

Thanks for stopping by.

Recently, after viewing the Google analytics for this site, it came to my attention  that certain geographical areas of the world are more interested in my work than others.

To this end I have installed google translate, which works fairly well, from what I understand. Some languages translate better than others, surely, but regardless, given the sometimes technical and always thorough language style of my philosophical meanderings, I have chosen to see if my numbers increase by posting articles in different languages.

Thusly, as you scroll down, through my esssays, you will find the same essay, "The War on Reason" repeated in various languages. If you happen to speak any of these languages, you might try muddling through it. I'm well familiar with my unpopularity in my native English :) I can muddle my way through some French, but other than that, I need help knowing if my "translations" make sense.

Please leave a comment, or drop me an email.

Thank you very much for participating.

Beyond the repeated "War on Reason" essay, in various attempted languages, and also listed in the sidebar to the right named "Blog Archive" you will find many other interesting essays to read, in english or by using the translate tool at the top of the page.

Please take your time to peruse my material or the available links, come back often and don't be shy.

Best thoughts,

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