Monday, December 20, 2010

Book Release

Post Paper Publications and Brian C. Taylor are proud to release  

Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self

ISBN 978-0-557-99909-5
Copyright Brian C. Taylor (Standard Copyright License)
Publisher PostPaper / Lulu Enterprises
Published December 20, 2010
Language English
Pages 310

Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Dimensions (inches) 6.0 wide × 9.0 tall

 The book contains charts, photos, a bibliography and index. 

    Some of the problems we face in modernity are of our own design, but we are manipulated to desire the design. In philosophical terms, it is the semantic deception of dialectical theses. Explaining what this means, how it works and what can be done to combat it is the goal of this book.    We used to rely on our wits. Now our problems are solved for us. This is a pleasant state of affairs, but it does not speak to our essence, nor even allow us to practise it. In a way, the system is living our lives for us. What if the system is wrong?
    In this short work Brian C. Taylor, writer, philosopher and social critic follows our ideas about the self through the ages, into modernity, into consumerism, the war on terror and other timely concerns that aim to socially engineer our ideas. His goal is to scientifically return your authenticity.
    Chasing philosophers through the ages, following our own ideas about the self, to dismantle both himself and modernity, the author brings in this tiny work, with candour, wisdom and depth, a dismantling of thought, a critique of the species, a pathway to virtue.

    Quotations from the book:
    "We are not talking about God here, nor even the grand scheme of society, we wonder about ourselves. By realizing when someone or something asks us to believe in it, in its intention, to create some reality out of an idea, we can begin to wonder about the value of following the rule."

"If modernity is the cause of complexity and systemic complexity is the cause of the rampant ineptitude that keeps rearing its ugly head, and we, in our infinite confusion, attempt only to counter this problem by adding further complexity, are we not just denying there is even a problem?"

"No matter how you reduce it, the events that took place on Manhattan Island, September 11, 2001 were a direct result of the intentions of the American government."

“Here, in our modern times, we don’t have to look to conspiracies or politics, just turn on your TV and watch some commercials. Is it not a paranoid delusion that sells anything to rid you of it? Is it not a hallucination that plays a jingle in your head when you see the golden arches of McDonalds? Do you not feel depressed when you can’t get what you want? Blame your thoughts on your environment for the problem, not the environment. You are the problem, change your thinking.”

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