Sunday, October 16, 2011

Celebrate the War of 1812?

Those of you familiar with my writing, in particular, those who read chapter seven of my book, (below) Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self, (now available as a free download,) know something of both my love of using intentionality to explain reality and my love of hating conservatism, in particular, the political variety, to explain the virtuous life.

My thoughts and feelings are not shared by Stephen Harper and Canadian neo-cons. This comes to no surprise for me or my readers. Some of you may have noticed that I tend only to write about this specific topic when an announcement of this ilk is made, or I otherwise get pissed off about how this country, (this world,) is run.

My latest complaint is centered around the Conservative government's decision to “celebrate the anniversary of the War of 1812.”

(I thought I'd let that sentence stand alone in your mind for a second. You know, so the ridiculousness could set it. “Celebrate the War of 1812.”)

Yikes. Well, before we start discussing the intentionality of the idea, or discover it's purpose by delineating the prior intention from the intention in action, let's take a look at what is being said by our government. These include but are not limited to statements like: “Celebrate the history of the war of 1812. Visit the sights, relearn the history, take in a museum, check out the re-enactments.” (Yes, they're paying, sorry we're paying, for re-enactments.) We're also paying for the restoration of historical sites, a national monument, coins and stamps.

Here are some relevant links:

This, I guess, should not surprise us. Conservatives are, well conservative. They like things just the way they are. That is to say, War is good business, War works. By way of being conservative, they have traditionally been supportive of the motives and methods of war. They like war, they think it should continue. Furthermore, by way of being Canadian, they are always playing catchup with Americans, the Kings of war. They have all but admitted that this is the kind of patriotism they wish to endorse. This is to be a nationalism based on our ability to enforce our ideologies.

So, again we should not be surprised that we are to toot our own horn about the one time that “Canadians” (in quotes because Canada wasn't a nation in 1812,) were able to kick some American ass. Now, if you know me at all, you know I think this is bordering on absurd and is, at the least, unnaturally stupid. Perhaps we should also celebrate the destruction of our Native peoples? Maybe build a monument to the wasteful poisoning of the world's largest fresh water supply? How about we design a coin and stamp commemorating our most famous mass murderer, Clifford Olsen? I wouldn't mind paying a few of my tax dollars for a statue in Ottawa of an eagle raping a beaver. But then again, being who he is, Stephen Harper wouldn't think of this as a problem. He condones it, approves of it, works toward it, hard.

Having made my rather subjective tirade clear, let's now take a look at what Mr. Harper and his neo-cons are actually intending by their actions. As usual, we will have to reduce their intentions to the base, the lowest common denominator. Yet, in this case, I think this is aptly done by the folks presenting the intention. This is what I find so shocking, if we are celebrating war, we are celebrating war. If we are specific in our celebrations, as in, “celebrate this or that war, with this or that people,” then we have narrowed it down enough. We're supposed to be thinking about war with America. Why?

It pretty obvious isn't it? Conservatives are conservatives because they don't want change. What's the opposite of war? Peace. So the real question is, why don't we celebrate peace? There's no money in peace. Simple answer for a stupid idea.

Conservatism is unnatural. Stephen Harper and those who support the ideas of conservatism are blocking progress. Natural systems, even those we design and allow to grow prudently, are flexible, dynamic systems that can, at the very least, change. Conservatives don't want change. They think everything is fine. They are very close to finding out the masses disagree. Everything is not fine.

I grow weary of the rampant ineptitude of modernity. Stop the humans before it's too late.

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