Friday, June 14, 2013

The Longevity of Sharks: A philosophy of being.

We, these thinking things
Have purposes to serve
Varied and natural
Like Sharks 
Swimming in oceans for millenia
Successes provide by systems in balance
Unlike Sharks
Able to work against nature
A shark just is.
He goes about his business
We do.
So it seems that our being
Is a product of our doing
And we have a decided advantage/disadvantage
Being able to direct what we do
The Philosophy of Being depends on what you Be
All I can tell you for certain is that sharks, 
who have been here for longer than we,
are not assembling into societies,
spreading like a virus,
gobbling up resources,
producing waste,
Sharks live in a balance because they must
Perhaps if they could somehow make the choice
Things would end a little differently
If there can be any purpose to being
It must be what we can do that matters
The difference is responsibility.
 A shark just is. 
You and I can shape the world.
The philosophy of a human being is doing. 

-Thanks to all my readers over the five years I've been doing this.

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