Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why I am a conspiracy theorist.

It's simple really, I am a conspiracy theorist because conspiracies are fact.
We can look at history, at any point, in any country and find many examples of conspiracy perpetrated on the masses, usually by those in power.
"Conspiracy" as a word, really just means "to work together." We've taken that idea (which comes from the French) and turned it into something nefarious.

So really, when we're talking about the conspiracy theories the world of the 21st century has to offer, we are specifically dealing with the bastards, who work together to grind you down, whatever that might mean for you. If you think that the powers that be aren't in the business of using you for their own purposes, then I suggest you do what you can to stop producing, stop working, stop paying your taxes, stop buying into social engineering, stop caring about pop culture, stop serving in the military, stop serving your masters altogether. Then wait for the rewards of your non-efforts. It won't take long before you realize that life itself is a conspiracy of past conspiracies. We are not where we are by mistake.

However, the lifestyle of the western paradigm, desired by all, even those who claim to hate it, is not something that is easily repaired. It is also not the purpose of this article, all of my writing combined comments upon it, but does little to solve its problems. I am a mere reporter of the problems, we each must take it in turn to do what we can to improve the world.

Today, I wish to point out that so called "Conspiracy Theorists" are not necessarily tinfoil hat wearing UFOlogists, or those who believe that 9/11 was an inside job, or that the HAARP installation is causing earthquakes, or that Deep Underground Military Bases are going to be concentration camps for millions of detainees when the shit hits the fan. I am a conspiracy theorist because I examine my own hands for evidence of that shit. (And 9/11 was an inside job...)

When one looks at the fringe, one sees the future. Sometimes that future is a lie, or incorrect, but sometimes it is true and becomes part of the mainstream. A conspiracy theorist looks to this fringe and examines it. A good conspiracy theorists doesn't claim true that which he or she has no proof of, nor does he or she denounce that which there is no proof of. Lack of evidence is not evidence of a falsehood. The future is a product of our being and doing, of our intentionality. The future is also a product of the past. So looking at past conspiracies that have become accepted as truth is a good place to start, if one wants to develop an appreciation for what might come.

When one looks at the conspiracies of the past, one finds the same people, or groups of people, or types of people committing the same types of conspiracies, with the same goals: Power, control, resources, money. Then, if one wants to understand exactly who these people are and what they're up to, one simply has to look at the people at the top.

I am a conspiracy theorist because the Americans (and those who idealize them,) keep me in fresh conspiracy. Conspiracies that matter, that are important, get revealed ultimately anyway. Then people say things like, "Oh, I guess they are documenting all my phone calls and emails after all." Unfortunately, those same people go on to say, "Oh well, what are ya gonna do about it?"

Conspiracy theorists know what is really going on, they just don't know it yet.
People who think conspiracy theorists are kooks are throwing the truth out with all the untruths.
I choose to believe what I want to believe, I am entitled as are you.
But denying the possibility of a conspiracy theory just because it sounds crazy also denies all the past conspiracies that have been proven true.
The world is a crazy place, full of crazy people.
People in positions of power are no less crazy, or stupid. 
Don't be afraid to examine the crazy and stupid things they (we) have done in the past.
Don't be afraid to think about the crazy and stupid things they (we) might be currently doing.
Your life might depend on it.


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