Monday, December 16, 2013

2 New Anthologies published

Brian is happy to release two new books today, December 16, 2013.

The first is Hyperexistentialism a collection of the latest essays published 2012-2013.
The second is No More Suffering Fools a complete anthology of all Brian's work.

Both books contain complete, unabridged work. If you're reading me online, you're not getting it all.
Hyperexistentialism is very small and will fit in your pocket.
No More Suffering Fools is very large.
Here are the covers.
 Brian C. Taylor's hyperexistentialism:
Contains "The Root of All Evil" about ending currency &
the title essay which promises to clear a path to conscious living
by folding a postmodern existentialism into a social norm.
No More Suffering Fools contains everything of value written by Mr. Taylor
up to the end of 2013.
Nearly 500 pages, unabridged.
If you haven't yet bought one of my books, this is the one to get.

Both books are currently only available here
In the next few weeks they will become available everywhere books are sold.

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