Tuesday, June 2, 2020

King Con: The Art of the Don

Donald Trump rose to fame for being a wealthy child. Through his family business he was able to get into real estate, which, by the way, anyone with money could do.

Trump became known as a playboy and why not, he was young, handsome and rich.

Trump "wrote" a book that became a best seller and a "guidebook for success in business." That book was called Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal.

The Art of Deal lays bare Trump's business philosophy, which is his life philosophy. They are the rules that would become the 1980s Wall Street paradigm. They are the rules of a Confidence Man.

The book coined a telling phrase: "Truthful Hyperbole" describing, "an innocent form of exaggeration" and "a very effective form of promotion." Trump has said he was most proud of this idea being fundamental to his methods.

Trump is and was a Con Man. He'll say or do anything to "win the deal." "The Deal" is always personal. Greed is self serving, so were the 80s, so is Trump.

Trump is not a smart man. Every time he speaks this is apparent. Such is it that he lays his hand down on the poker table for all to see- and it's the same hand he's been showing since the 80s, the Art of the Con.

The Con is about confidence. It's an act. The Con Artist is an actor. He has a script to follow, that script has a limited vocabulary of absolutes and truthful hyperbole. (You can call it doublespeak, like the idea that "Antifa is made up of neo-Nazis.") The Con Man does and says what he needs to get what he wants from you. The truth is entirely irrelevant.

Such is it, that when America needs a leader, a person of empathy and imagination, who can communicate effectively and is likeable at the most, respectable at the least, with Trump they come up wanting. Riots in the streets for three nights lead to Trump addressing the nation about how the Governors didn't apply enough force through their police and National Guard to disperse the protesters.

Trump suggested that the Govenors "win" by "dominating." That was it. That's the extent of his Presidential prowess and his business acumen. "To Dominate!" This is stubbornly ignorant.

Your President thinks life is a 1980s business deal predicated of personal gain, because to him it is. So too is his presidency.

You put a Conman in the White House. Getting him out should be your next priority. After that, maybe have a look at how half your country was duped into electing him in the first place and address those American shortcomings. 


  1. This makes perfect sense. I haven't read The Art of the Deal, but I see that Trump is speaking from a set of rules that he developed: exaggeration, limited vocabulary, and unfaltering confidence. What is frightening is how it has successfully seated him in the White House and up until only this past week, has his modis operandi met with significant resistance. The world has seen him for what he is for years, and I am sure this includes American voters; why does it take a pandemic, economic breakdown, and riots for people to act?

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