Friday, June 26, 2020

What is Hypermanipulation?

Hypermanipulation is a byproduct of any social engineering expressed by or to Hyperreality.
To gain an appreciation for hyperreality, please read this previous essay, What is Hyperreality?

Essentially, hyperreality is the "what is manipulated" by hypermanipulation and the social engineers, (the people "engineering society") are the people either doing the manipulation, or being the manipulated, or both; And they do so with, or without being aware of this manipulation existing or being utilised.

Hypermanipulation is a the re-programming of a program, by a program which may or may not yet have achieved a sense of self. This is the Hypermanipulated Self of which I speak in my book Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self. If you, as a member of a hypermanipulated society are unaware of the mere concepts of hyperreality (or the Spectacle, as it is also named) and/or social engineering (in all realities), your hypermanipulated self is likely to remain an unknown unknown.

Yet, hyperreality exists, as does hypermanipulation. We are all constantly bombarded by it everyday.
Some of us barely scratch the surface of the Spectacle, living in our huts in a jungle, living off the land. Some of us live almost entirely within hyperreality, we work there, play there. If all that is possible is our being and doing, some of us are being and doing as much as possible from within hyperreality.

Even if we are not, even if we spend as much time as possible in the "real world" the real world has become merely the foundation upon which the hyperreal exists. Yes, you still need to eat and sleep, but someday, technology will create a reality where even those physical requirements can be hypermanipulated. It's just a question of time, like all things. If you and I lived four hundred years ago, this conversation would not be necessary or even possible, without being the stuff of imagination, but also, if we lived so long ago, I probably couldn't even read or write and neither could you. So the limitations of our past, should not reflect on our abilities to imagine our futures.

For today's citizens of the post modern, hyperreality and hypermanipulation contain real, day to day considerations we undertake, contemplations deemed necessary, with or without cognition. But with cognition of these realities, able to "see the matrix" as it were, we become world builders, society shapers, influencers. For the initiated, hypermanipulation is extremely understood, practised and powerful.

For the uninitiated, the unaware, the asleep, the conservative, the technophobe, for any multitude of reasons one might harbour for refusing the evidence of any particular social paradigm, there is no denying either that the Spectacle grows more powerful as technology ties us together into an amalgam intellect or that the expansion of hyperreality into that intellect creates an equal opportunity for hypermanipulation.

The problem remains that not everyone taking part in that hypermanipulation realizes that they are doing so, thus the value of these examinations. The Hyper-Manipulated Self is awash in a matrix of all possibilities and no definition. Yet, hyperreality is nothing but definition, it is nothing but construct of data. The manipulation taking place is of that data, the hyper prefix refers to the fact that such manipulations are taking place outside your desire or will, if you have no inkling of these facts. Thus, the "programming of the program." Social Engineers, active citizens of a healthy society, should and eventually will have inklings of these realities, as time allows discovery, some do today. But technology has now passed the point of creating an amalgam intellect and in doing so has taken the control of hyperreality from the bastion of academia and politic and handed it over to the populace. Some of that populace knows this and hypermanipulates intentionally, some of that populace doesn't know this and hypermanipulates unintentionally by merely taking part in the Spectacle of hyperreality.

It is now possible, unlike in times incapable of an amalgam intellect, for members of society taking part in hyperreality to develop ownership of hypermanipulation and make conscious, intentional marks on the "chalkboard of the world," defining what taking part in society should mean. But it is also possible for that same intellect to create bad ideas, wrong directions, for the "marks on that chalkboard" to contain offensive symbols or unnatural, counterproductive ideologies. The dangers of the unintentional directing of any social contract are immediately apparent and when the domain of hyperreality retards our ability to separate the true from the false, our adherence or resistance to any particular engineering being made from a place of our ignorance at the most, confusion at the least, must lead to eventual, historical change or become the seed of a destruction so complete, no changing of minds could it restore.

Hypermanipulation is real. You are a social engineer if you take part in any expression of your personage into hyperreality, which you have been doing, everyday of your life. You're doing it right now, by reading these words. If you weren't previously aware that hyperreality is real and has been real for hundreds of years, you now are. Congratulations and I'm sorry. I'm hypermanipulating you. You're hypermanipulating me.

Let's first agree that this is happening.
Then we will talk about what is to be done about it.
The conversation continues on this blog and is alive in the Spectacle...

Tune in, take part, or be left behind..

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