Saturday, January 23, 2016

We're all here to go into space.

People are idiots. Of this fact we can be certain as history points to our crimes, both against the Earth and each other. We can be genius, occasionally, briefly noted along our mapping modernity, prolonged self-destruction. Affairs may have gotten a bit more pressing recently, what with some of us stomping around, ceaselessly devouring. Our attitudes will have to change. Or many will have to die, maybe both. These things are inevitable. Thus, we have to get off this planet. 

It's the perfect task. It's the correct goal. True we have made the aforementioned mistakes and some of us continue to do so, but it cannot be said that there isn't a new paradigm afoot. The human species, having been connected together by technology, has decided change is required, hastily. The twenty-first century promising a new enlightenment by way of a supreme arrogance. Things as they are, we simply don't have time to fret over the past when we're so amazing right now. Surely the baby cannot be blamed for shitting in his diaper. 

We don't need to feel guilty about the mistakes of the past, we need to fix the future, oddly and simply by thinking about it. Everybody is predominately concerned with making money. This is an extremely present mindset and not conducive to future planning. It's hard to find the time to daydream about space travel when you forgot to pick up Timmy from soccer practice because you're tired from working two jobs. We don't have to get rid of money, (although it would solve almost every problem,) or have everyone start wearing white robes. We can't cease our efforts to correct past mistakes, for we can't all leave. Cleaning up sounds like a good start. Eventually we'll run out of dinosaur goo and everything will have to change, preferences and profit be damned. Still, no amount of work done by our lot will change the fact that the Earth could shake us all off like fleas. The Sun could burp in our direction and fry us in place, creating a planetary Pompeii. Leaving the Earth is mandatory for human survival in the long run. I'm asking just that we start thinking about that. Individually we are a tiny sum of a magnificent existence, we can only be valuable while thinking about the whole. 

Every new tomorrow gets us one step closer to being able, but the drive to imagine has been distracted and corrupted. This has happened, is happening and will continue to happen in the future because, as I said, people are idiots. Usually, we get greedy, then we get lazy, then we get spoiled. It happened in Rome, it happens elsewhere now. This sort of behaviour needs to be corrected, for everyone's sake. Celebrate not celebrity, worship wisdom and intelligence, favour reason over profit, cooperation over competition. Ask not what is in this life for you, for you will have it anyway and but what you leave for the future. We can be a planet of philosophers, forcing the hands of non-philosopher Kings. We can do it on our own because we must. Accept that as fact and begin.

"What are we all here for?
We're all here to go into space.
The Earth is going to be a space station and we're all here to go into space.
But what are you and you and you here for?"
-William Burroughs, Dead City Radio.

Friday, January 1, 2016

We are all SkyNet in the Googlesphere

"The theory that Google is becoming or enacting SkyNet has been around since at least 2009. SkyNet for those of you that don’t know, is a fictional, self-aware artificial intelligence that controls the Terminator, among other things, in the movie franchise of the same name. In the story, SkyNet decides humans must die (the reason, “self-preservation” is not exactly relevant) and the War with the Machines begins. In reality, Google is at the forefront of all things technological and either by accident, design or perhaps both simultaneously, continues toward making SkyNet a possibility."

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