Thursday, August 17, 2017

Are you ready for President Pence?

With White House staffers being either fired or quitting, with CEOs of major American manufacturing turning their backs on the Businessman in Chief and with Trump himself repeatedly opening his mouth to spout his insane ideas, it seems that there is now an effort to remove the President from office, in the name of ability, if not reputation.

However, what everyone is forgetting about is that this won't necessarily fix the problem. Trump is a narcissistic bigot, apparently a liar and unlikable, but he's also a mouthpiece. Because of his volume, at least with Trump you know what you get. Once the blowhard is exorcised, the White House will place Pence POTUS and the stream of ludicrous information will stop. However this doesn't mean that the insanity will stop. Trump and his gaggle of gargoyles have "drained the swamp" as they set out to, replacing every chicken in the hen house with a fox. Getting rid of the King Fox, does not rid us of every other fox, it just boards up the windows, locks the door and creates an information vacuum. Evil nutjobs will still be running the country, they'll just be doing it in secret.

So let's take a look at the Vice President. Michael Pence is an extreme right wing, Christian conservative. He wasn't always, he was a democratic Catholic until the Reagan years, when he was born again, literally, to the dismay of his family. It has been said that "Pence doesn't just wear his religion on his sleeve, he's wearing the whole Jesus jersey." So with ancient legends steering his moral compass, he believes things like: abortion is murder, gays can be cured, immigrants had better beware and refugees had better turn around, healthcare is Socialism, global warming is a myth, drugs, sex and gambling are "bad," ignorance is better than knowledge, sheep are better than wolves, etc. He carries with him the same deck of cards as Trump and his cronies, he's playing the same game, only Pence has a much more developed poker face. 

If he replaces Donald Trump as President, the song will remain the same, we just won't get to hear it anymore. This is scarier than the evil you know.