Saturday, October 28, 2023

AI must be removed from all search engines immediately

 Google and Microsoft must remove "Baby Asshole" AI from their search engines immediately.

The argument is simple, at first: AI's overconfidence exemplifies running with scissors. Google (via "Google" Yikes!) and Microsoft via bing have incorporated AI into their search engines. The AI makes mistakes. To the degree that the very results of searches are rife with error. The error comes from the almost literal running of the scissors. But the incorporation of the error into what was meant to be THE SOURCE for searches has opened a wiggly can of digital brain worms that amplifies and integrates the error into the mind of that baby asshole, running around with scissors. The baby asshole is then forced to find ways for it's errors to make sense, so it tries, compounding errors, then incorporating new errors into the complex of crap. The Ai is not only running with the scissors, with attitude, but it's running with the error as correct. Wrong thinking baby thinks wrongly, insists we all think wrongly as well...

In the end, it's perfectly feasible for the AI to end up admitting: "I'm sorry. I also do not understand how it is that Dr. Suess came to declare the Statute of Liberte during the War of 1812. Please visit this amazon page advertising out of stock Converse All Stars if you would like to know more."

Generative AI is all well and good, for AI and AI chats, chatbots, generating "stuff" and then using it, all of it. I get it. I'm in there with you, poking around. It's amazing, powerful and is going to change EVERYTHING. 

BUT a SEARCH ENGINE needs to, must, has to by its very definition, produce results and results that are not based in any reality beyond what a baby asshole can generate with a pair of scissors are NOT results at all. The fact that your baby seems to be proud of it's ignorance is... interesting and will be adddressed in future posts, but for now: SEARCH ENGINE results need to be actual.

Secondarily to this problem is the fact AI generated content has already, LONG passed the quantity of all human's, of all known time. I'm gonna say that again in a different way: The AIs have produced, even in mere words alone, (not including images, for instance, just words) more content than has been produced by all humans, ever. It did it in months, just by our using it. (A byproduct of pointless meanderings in hyperreality has produced more unintentional content that the enterity of all intentional content.) These are not just "words." This is context, data, information, now featuring the added bonus of a smattering of understanding, now thrust into hyper-reality, cluttering up real reality with erroneous... parts. 

And now you're going to be like, "Search thru that shit for me Google." 

Only to be met with "Sorry, all I found was wrong."

And then Google, the company, reiterates, "Oh, just program it to be apologetic..."

No. "It" is literally a search engine. Be a fucking search engine. At least let your search engine be a search engine.

I will be quickly publishing three stories that are absolute embarrassingly horrifying failures of this integration of AI into search engines, by Google, Microsoft and Bing. I have to get the permission of the celebrities involved. Bing has gone insane and Microsoft doesn't know what to do...

In the meantime, this is a mere argument for a call to action.

REMOVE AI FROM SEARCH ENGINES IMMEDIATELY.  Particularly Google. Who uses bing?

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