ASE Bibliography

Throughout the research and writing of Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self, I have had the opportunity to learn much from the objects of this bibliography, even if it was only to discover what to ignore. Thus, these entries are not necessarily to be considered recommendations, but every one of them will teach you something.

PRINT: Including books, papers, articles, essays, etc. By Author
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The following list contains mostly films, some are classes you can purchase from The Teaching Company. Google it!
(in no particular order)
Manufacturing Consent”
What we still don't know.”
A quest beyond the limits of the ordinary.”
Beyond Belief 1, 2 and 3”, the Science Network,
Philosophy: A guide to happiness”
Why we fight”
No end in sight”
War made easy”
Quest for the lost civilization”
Islam: Empire of Faith”
China from the inside”
What a way to go: Life at the end of Empire”
Expelled: No intelligence allowed”
The century of the self”
Commanding Heights: The battle for the world economy”
Flooded Kingdoms”
What is Enlightenment?”
Denial Stops Here”
The Corporation: The pathological pursuit of power”
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward"
The Hawking Paradox”
Life at the end of Empire”
September Clues”
PBS's “Frontline: The Dark Side, Frontline:Karl Rove The Architect”
Esoteric Agenda”
Global warming or global governance?”
Evidence of Revision”
Zero: An investigation into 9-11”
Rumsfeld's War”
Fields of Armour”
CBC - “The War on Drugs”
The Money Masters”
Loose Change”
Afghanistan Unveiled”
David Icke “Secrets of the Matrix”
An inconvenient truth”
The power of nightmares”
What is Enlightenment?”
Crude Awakening”
Stop Loss”
Captive Minds”
Constantine's Sword”
Game Theory: In life, business and beyond” TTC, Prof. Scott Stevens
The Psychology of human behaviour” TTC, Prof. David W. Martin
Understanding the world through experience and reason” TTC, Prof. James Hall
Argumentation: The study of effective reasoning” TTC, Prof. David Zarefsky
The self under siege” TTC, Prof. Rick Roderick
Philosophy of Mind” TTC, Prof. John Searle
The Conservative Tradition” TTC, Prof. Patrick Allitt
No excuses: Existentialism and the Meaning of Life” TTC, Prof. Robert Solomon
Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language” TTC, Prof. John McWhorter
The Enlightenment: Invention of the Modern Self” TTC, Prof. Leo Damrosch