Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do.

I write. Fiction and non. Criticism, commentary, philosophy and for film. Novels, screenplays. I write a lot, nearly every day. I write because I like it and I have something to say. I've been at it seriously since 2004. My work has been read by at least 250 000 individuals, not including my twice weekly column in the local newspaper. I feel like I'm at the beginning of something.

When I started I was just "complaining about the King." Which has been done through the ages. It was political but also a self-examination of society, through a different philosophy. A friend of mine wisely pointed out that sometimes it's easier and more entertaining to express these idea through fiction. In 2010 I again started making films. 

The reason I do what I do is simple and complicated at the same time: I believe there is a great disparity in the quality of human life which is entirely caused by greed, prejudice and fear. Most of my work is a commentary upon this fact, or a critique of it, or an attack on it. 

Battle at Beaver Creek is a movie about mind control and vague perceptions of friend and foe, it's about greed, prejudice and fear. Last Human Being is a story about love, prejudice and fear. Garf Garf is about competition vs cooperation, greed, hamburgers and fear. 
In all of my non-fiction writing and blogging, my tune remains the same. A desire to not be programmed to believe anything, a dynamic openness to life and the right to live it freely, universal cooperation. These are the things I find lacking in our world. 

I believe that stories can spark the ideas that change the minds that shape our world.
I believe I have exciting, commercially viable film projects with good intentions.
I believe that an entertaining, artful film can be made with very little money.
I believe that I know enough talented people in the Okanagan to make any movie.
All we need now is the money to move forward (and maybe an experienced line-producer).
And you, I need you on board. Watch a film. Volunteer. Donate. Get involved.

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