Sunday, March 5, 2017

Where are my Russian friends?

For years now, I've been writing philosophical social criticism on this blog and in my books.
For years now my writing has proven most popular in Russia. Also, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany.
But by a large margin, Russians are seeing, perhaps not reading, my work.

So my question is: Where are my Russian friends?
Is there not one of you that can understand my words, appreciate what is being said and make a comment upon it?

I would very much like to open a dialogue with a like minded Russian counterpart.
Any ordinary Russian will do, provided you can speak and write English.
I would like to have an open discussion with you, on this blog.

We can write back and forth like pen pals. You could publish my thoughts on your blog, if you like.

Mostly, I just want to get to know a Russian, in Russian, dealing with Russian life, who has something to say in the way of philosophical social criticism.

I think that Russians are no less effected by the decisions of the west than Canadians, or anyone else for that matter. I think that Russians are no more or less victims of unnatural governance in the same way as Americans. The problems are global, systemic and serious.

Are there people in Russia who want to make the world a better place via reason?

Please write me at or comment below.


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  3. Sorry I messed up with the comments, I have used blogger occasionally but well I'm russian and gladly I have just discovered your blog via random googling certain word combinations, I must say I'm overwhelmed how accurately your writings match my own thoughts. I would like to know do your have any your thoughts/theories how modern maintream media mentally affect younger generation in psychological/ sociological terms because that's the thing that worries me the most, thank you.

  4. Hello Darkins,
    Thanks for replying, I'm really sorry that it has taken me until now to even see this comment!!!
    To answer your question: Social engineering is everywhere, in your family, in your schools, at your jobs, on your TV and cinema, in your music. in anything that wants you to "think this about that."
    So, yes, mainstream media has a major intentionality it desires to express. All social engineering changes minds, so it affects everyone in psychological and sociological terms, but it is possible to be aware of it, recognize it, understand it and claim it, taking away its power through reasoning.
    This is anti-social engineering in practice. It is the goal of all my writing.
    Please read the following:
    This is an older essay which talks about the value of all these dystopian kids films that feature evil governments and the rebellions against them. In my estimation, this is a good thing.
    At least it puts the idea that such things are possible into people's heads.
    Reading my book Anti-Social Engineering, will cover everything else you might want to know, although quite a bit of info is available here.

    Thanks for writing.
    Where in Russia are you?
    I hope you write back.
    I will try to not wait months to respond.

    Best Thoughts,


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