Saturday, May 2, 2020

2020 Hindsite Essays

Over the next 25 days (May 2020) I will be publishing 25 of my more popular, relevant essays about life on Planet Earth in the year 2020.

All of them were published between now and 2004. They are all about thinking.

Thus, this is the Hindsite Collection of essays.

The first five essays are concerning: Philosophy, Paradigm, Promise of the 21st Century Enlightenment, Hyperexistentialism

The second five essays are concerning: Conspiracy, Government, Societies, social criticism

The next six essays are concerning: Problems and perils of thinking on Planet Earth.

The next five essays are concerning: The Western Paradigm (American thinking)

The last four essays are concerning: Possible solutions for improved thinking.

Links will be provided here on this blog and on facebook

Enjoy your read. Leave a comment if you like. I'm also available at facebook.

Stay safe!

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