Friday, June 19, 2020

What will Bigots do when Trump is Gone?

The bigotry of the right has been celebrated since Trump went into office, by applauding the actions of the office and the words of the man.

Immediately American backs straighten at the idea of the right being the bastion of bigotry. 
But Conservatives, by definition, reach back, aiming for status-quo via tried and true practices of authority, ingroup, sanctity. 
This is how Conservatism is unnatural and works counter to progress, it is literally not looking forward, figuratively anti-change.

“There's good people on both sides of the argument,” claims your idiot President.
No. Those aren't good people.
And there was no argument.
You, Mr. President, are racist. So are a hell of a lot of other Americans.
So many bigots that, in fact, this is the norm.
It's great that everybody is talking about it now, from within an framework of shame, rather than pride.

Well, I guess most of you are looking at it with shame and only some with pride.
A few too many?
Way too many?

While the President's bigotry seems to know no bounds, the entire world marvels at the ignorant force that put him in power. 
That same force now cowers under the fury of oppression. 
That force shares the same wilful ignorance as Trump, the same ideals, the same false beliefs, the same wrong thinking, the same apathy and lack of intelligence.

When Trump is no longer President, what will the bigots do?

Become silent again, raging under their breath, waiting for opportunities to express their “opinion?”

Unless you address this problem now, with real change, the kind of change that will make an actual difference, the Right will rise again. 
Such is the extremity of your dichotomous government.

You have through your action begun a process that could lead to a better America.
This could be an American Spring... We'll see if you can keep at it.

However, you have multiple problems occurring simultaneously because so much of your way of life is founded upon a lie.

Your immediate concern is getting Trump out of the White House.
Not in November, not after the riots, now.
And you have to do it in such a way that everybody realizes that the Right is wrong and why.

However, I don't think this is possible because you are so very, very damaged by the paradigm that you loudly claim makes you greater.

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